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How to Start a Collision Repair Shop in 10 Steps

There’s certainly something to be said about being your own boss. If you’ve got that entrepreneurial itch and want to open your own collision repair shop, good for you for chasing that dream! But before that dream can become a reality, there are a few things you should know. Follow these tips and you’ll be […]

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3 Safe Ways to Move a Car with a Dead Battery

3 Safe Ways to Move a Car with a Dead Battery The dreaded click click click sound of a dead car battery isn’t a noise anyone likes to hear. It’s especially unwelcome if you’re an auto shop or impound lot manager well aware that time is money! You need to figure out how to get […]

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Lot Management Solutions That Eliminate Customer Delays

If you operate and manage a lot for your service garage, dealership, or other business, you know that customer delay can spell trouble for your business. To streamline your operations, you’ll need to eliminate customer delays wherever possible by employing strategic lot management solutions. Lot Management Solutions That Solve for Your Customer Lot management solutions […]

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Forklift Towing Attachments: Can You Tow With a Forklift?

Forklifts are versatile machines, with applications across industry. From moving pallets in warehouses to carrying heavy material on construction sites, we see forklifts in nearly every manufacturing and warehousing application. What some people don’t know is that forklifts can be used for more than just storing pallets and lifting bricks and steel joists. With a […]

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Forklift Wrecker vs. Tow Truck Wheel Lift

If you’re looking for an on-site towing solution for your company, an option like the Forklift Wrecker might be new to you. Many companies are familiar with the traditional wheel lift, but a wheel lift installed on a forklift is a unique and affordable solution that can offer greater benefits to body shops, service garages, […]

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