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service garage

Forklift Applications: Service Garages

If you run a service garage, you understand the hassle that’s presented when you need to move a vehicle across a lot — especially if they’re damaged or don’t run. Calling a tow truck or wrecker can result in long wait times and high operating costs. Is there a better solution? YES. It’s called a […]

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steps for forklift maintenance

Forklift Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

Performing regular and proper maintenance on both your forklift and Forklift Wrecker is critical for their long-term health and performance. When you carry out regular maintenance, you’ll be able to identify issues that could lead to larger problems, and you can optimize your forklift’s productivity.  In this blog, we discuss the frequency in which you […]

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forklift classes

9 Types of Forklifts and Their Classes

Forklifts are essential devices for moving and transporting items, and they’re critically important in numerous professions including construction, manufacturing, and warehousing. If you own or manage a business that needs a forklift, you need to be aware of the different forklift classes and types. While the Forklift Wrecker attachment is well suited to most forklift […]

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forklift certified

How to Get a Forklift Certification

From manufacturing to distribution to any company with a warehouse, any industry with a need to get things from point A to point B depends on the tried and true forklift. And you know what that means? All those industries need forklift drivers! In other words, getting a forklift certification opens up a lot of […]

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Winter Maintenance for Forklift Wrecker

Forklift Safety Tips for Winter Weather

Once again, winter weather is here — and for those operating forklifts, that means it’s time to double down on safety protocols.  If you’re not equipped with the right gear and knowledge, harsh conditions like wind, sleet, snow, and ice can make forklift operations exponentially more difficult and dangerous. In order to prevent damaging your equipment […]

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Forklift Towing Attachments: Can You Tow With a Forklift?

Forklifts are versatile machines, with applications across industry. From moving pallets in warehouses to carrying heavy material on construction sites, we see forklifts in nearly every manufacturing and warehousing application. What some people don’t know is that forklifts can be used for more than just storing pallets and lifting bricks and steel joists. With a […]

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