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How to Use a Forklift to Increase Labor Efficiency: 5 Ways

Forklifts are the swiss army knives of any high-volume work environment, such as warehouses, distribution centers, or manufacturing facilities. They save on labor, help your employees complete their work faster, and ultimately save your company money. By fully utilizing this essential tool, you can boost your company productivity and labor efficiency.

How to Use a Forklift to Increase Labor Efficiency

Forklifts make carrying loads effortless, but they also can serve many other functions in your facility. Forklifts can be used for towing, lifting, retrieving, loading, and organizing.

#1 Use a Forklift for Towing Vehicles On Your Lot

You can turn your forklift into a wrecker with an attachment like the Forklift Wrecker. This wheel lift tool slides and secures onto the forks of your forklift, allowing you to tow a variety of vehicles. Using a forklift for towing is more convenient than other towing options, such as a tow truck or tow dollies. Since you likely already own your forklift, a forklift attachment for towing increases the value of your original investment, while being affordably priced. 

*Never use a Forklift Wrecker Attachment for towing vehicles on public streets.

#2 Use a Forklift for Lifting Pallets and Skids

Forklifts are excellent for raising and lowering heavy pallets and skids. It’s much more practical, and efficient, to use a machine to transport bulk materials than use the labor of a team of workers to complete the same job in more time. By using a forklift with a skilled operator, you can divert the rest of your team to other tasks.

#3 Use a Forklift for Reaching and Retrieving 

The ability to raise the forklift forks to reach and retrieve is a valuable function, particularly for facilities that make use of vertical space for storage or staging. By efficiently using all available space in your warehouse, you can also increase the number of items you can store. 

#4 Use a Forklift for Loading and Unloading

Forklifts are an essential part of high-volume shipping operations because they can aid in loading and unloading trailers with ease. Forklift attachments for gripping different-sized products like drums or long pipes can improve efficiency, helping you load and unload faster.

#5 Use a Forklift for Organizational Tasks

If you have to manage a warehouse, vehicle lot, or other facility with a lot of inventory, a management system and organization strategy is imperative. Forklifts can be used to rearrange large items easily, whether you’re towing vehicles in tight spaces or lifting and depositing pallets on high shelves. 

Rather than calling an expensive wrecker or enlisting teams of workers to transport materials, a well-trained forklift operator with the right equipment can complete organizational tasks quickly and efficiently.

How to Use a Forklift with Attachments to Increase Efficiency

Using forklift attachments is one of the best ways to utilize equipment you already have to serve multiple purposes and increase labor efficiency. They are an invaluable resource for many businesses because they are capable of handling heavy loads with ease.

The following are the steps for how to use a forklift with an attachment. Forklifts are not as easy to operate as a car. They are more difficult to steer and can tip over easier than most vehicles. Be aware that the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Organization requires employees to have an operator’s certification before using a forklift.

Connecting the Forklift Attachment

  • To adjust the distance between the forks, use the controls in the cab of the forklift or manually loosen the nuts and slide the forks to the desired position. Make sure all fasteners are secure before using the forklift.
  • When approaching an attachment, raise the forks to the desired height and drive slowly forward until the forks are as far as they can go into the attachment.
  • Secure the attachment to the forks and attach safety chains.
  • Lift the fork a few inches before tilting it back towards you. This will transfer the load weight back and prevent the forklift from leaning forward.
  • Drive slowly with the attachment only a few inches from the ground.

Removing the Forklift Attachment

  • To remove the attachment, first level out the forks so they are parallel to the ground. 
  • Slowly lower the forks until the attachment is fully supported by the ground. Reverse the forklift until the forks are free of the attachment. 

Tow Using the Forklift Wrecker Wheel Lift Attachment

With the right attachments, like the Forklift Wrecker, you can use your forklift to its full potential and reap in the benefits. This tool makes towing vehicles convenient and affordable. It can be easily attached and detached for compact storage. Give our team a call to learn more about how this forklift attachment could work for you.

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