3 Alternatives to a Car Dolly at your Auto Shop or Garage

Whether for repairs or organization, moving cars is a necessity for auto shops, lots, and garages everywhere. For years, car dollies have been the go-to equipment to get this job done, despite the fact that they pose quite a few problems that get in the way of running an efficient, safe, and profitable business. When it comes down to it, car dollies just plain take too much time, energy, and money. On top of it, they put your cars and equipment, and worse, your employees, at risk. But what’s the alternative to a car dolly? Well, actually, there are three of them!  

#1: Replace Your Car Dolly with a Wrecker

When you move cars as often as you do, using a car dolly can end up taking much of your day, taking multiple employees away from other work that needs to be done, and basically taking away from your bottom line. If this is the case, it might be time to consider investing in your own onsite wrecker as a car dolly alternative. Having your own tow truck reduces risk of damage and danger, and also allows you to use less time and muscle to get a car moved. While it helps with efficiency and safety, however,  profitability — not-so-much. Purchasing a wrecker of your own to keep onsite is expensive and a long-term investment that will take quite a while to pay off. 

#2: Oust Your Car Dolly with an Outside Source

If you’re tired of all the hassle and headaches that come with using a car dolly, but you’re not quite ready to bite the bullet and buy a wrecker of your own, another car dolly alternative is to simply call a wrecker to come help. Using an outside towing source eliminates wasting your own employees’ time as well as risking their safety. On the downside, it won’t be as efficient as having your own wrecker since you’ll have to work around the outside company’s schedule, and while you won’t have to worry about equipment damage, you will likely have to pay a hefty price.   

#3: Forget About Your Car Dolly Troubles with a Forklift Wrecker

Yes, we’ve saved perhaps the best car dolly alternative for last! A Forklift Wrecker solves all your car dolly issues, including unwanted expenses. This is the most affordable alternative to a car dolly, yet it addresses everything from efficiency to safety concerns. Because it’s easy to use and requires just one employee to operate it, you save time, manpower, and money while reducing accident risk and damage. 

Its compact design allows for greater maneuverability than that of car dollies and wreckers, but its size isn’t all that’s small — so is your upfront cost. 

Affordable, efficient, safe, and easy enough to not require too many hands, a Forklift Wrecker is a great car dolly alternative for your auto shop or repair garage. To learn more about how a Forklift Wrecker can help you improve your day-to-day operations, as well as your bottom line, contact us online or call 877-593-6959 today. 

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