Eliminate damage to vehicles and move them easily using the Forklift Wrecker®.

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It was a pleasure working with Quinn, he answered all my questions and when the equipment was ordered it arrived to our shop in less than a week. So far I am very happy with the level of customer service I received and how quickly the equipment was delivered. It was well packaged and looks like a quality piece of equipment. Thank you.

— John from The City Of Miami

“…we put this on one of our forklifts as soon as it hit the ground, and within an hour, everyone in the shop was asking why we never had one of these before. It’s used frequently enough that it hasn’t been off the forklift since we got it. I’ve used it myself rearranging our seized/forfeited vehicles, and am very happy with it. The only limitations we have are the capacity/ballast of the forklift.”
—State Police Fleet Manager

Joel has had his unit for over 10 years. He called to order his first set of replacement springs and said “if you need a reference, have them call me! I love this thing! It works too good!” Thanks Joel! We appreciate your kind words, and your business! December, 2019”

— Karl from North Charleston, SC

“What a great product and a great company! This wrecker saves us so much time and money I can’t imagine being without it. Kudos for your great service and awesome innovation!”
— Chuck in Greeley, CO AUTO REPAIR & BODY SHOP
“Ordered May 4, took delivery May 6: Would you believe it just showed up? How fast was that?”
“I have had one of these for years, I didn’t think the springs would hold up, but it has been a few years and nothing has broke and I love this attachment, Thanks Ray Krieger, Ray’s Body Works Inc Joppa MD — Ray’s Body Works – Joppa, MD
(In response to a marketing email): “Already have one and absolutely love it.Use it almost daily! Thank you for a great product!” — Karl from North Charleston, SC
We purchased this unit a few months ago after years of paying a tow company to tow vehicles in and out of the shop. At first, I was apprehensive, wondering how much the unit would get used. Very soon after purchasing the unit, I and all my production staff wondered how we ever made it without it. The unit is used in some capacity nearly everyday, from rearranging cars in the parking lot, to towing vehicles into the shop to be worked on. It is an absolute fantastic unit, that has paid for itself nearly a month after purchasing the unit.
“The Forklift Wrecker® is awesome! I really questioned just how handy it would be because we used a rollback before we purchased this. There is no comparison! The Forklift Wrecker® is so much handier and fits into tighter spaces so much better. It is one of the best tools we have in the shop. Quinn spent a lot of time with me with any question that I had and was more than willing to send additional photos. The service before the sale was excellent and the product exceeds my expectations.”

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