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Great Ways to Save Space in Your Repo Lot

When it comes to your repo lot, space is precious. The more vehicles you can fit on the lot, the more vehicles you can repossess, which means greater profits for your company. That said, your repo lot can’t be so jam-packed that your drivers have a hard time loading and unloading vehicles. So, how can you maximize space in your repo lot, without losing efficiency or sacrificing safety? Here are a few tips to help you out. 

Opt for Angled Parking Spaces

There’s no doubt about it, angled parking spaces are the best way to save space in any lot, but especially in repossession parking lots. In general, it’s easier to place a towed vehicle in an angled lot, and it’s also easier to pull vehicles out from angled lots. Not only will angled parking spaces save you space, but they make your operations that much more efficient. When your drivers can drop off and pick up vehicles quickly, and without too much hassle, you end up with more drivers on the road.

Carefully Determine the Size of Parking Spaces

In other types of parking lots, like grocery stores, schools, and shopping malls, it’s important to consider the size of parking spaces as it relates to people getting in and out of vehicles. For your repossession lot, this is less important. For the most part, your drivers are just loading and unloading vehicles. There’s little need to get into or out of the cars, which means your parking spaces don’t need to be as wide. Making those parking spaces slightly narrower can help you fit in more vehicles.

Consider Implementing One-Way Lanes

The way you set up your repo lot’s flow of traffic can actually have a big impact on how many vehicles you can fit in the lot. One-way traffic lanes can be much narrower than two-way lanes since they only have to accommodate vehicles driving and offloading in one direction, rather than both. This will also help create a more efficient flow for your drivers dropping off vehicles in the lot.

Eliminate Concrete Parking Barriers

If you’ve purchased a parking lot for your repossession company, and it came complete with concrete parking barriers, it may be in your best interest to remove them. First, they were probably installed for 90° parking spots, and second, they interrupt the flow of your repo parking lot. Concrete barriers are designed to help consumers park appropriately — not park too close to a building or in multiple parking spots. This shouldn’t be a problem with your drivers —  probably. 

When you remove those concrete parking barriers, you free up the potential for your towers to pick up vehicles from either side. If you’re using angled parking spaces, it also allows you to park longer vehicles, like RVs and long-bed trucks in the length of two spaces. This means you don’t have to outline larger parking spaces when you’re first designing your repo lot, and you can easily accommodate larger vehicles without upsetting the entire repo lot’s flow. 

Choose A Compact Towing Tool, like the Forklift Wrecker

The biggest concern for any repo lot is making it large enough so that tow trucks can get in and out of lanes safely, and have enough room to both pick-up and drop off vehicles. You can completely eliminate this concern, and seriously expand the storage capability of your repo lot by investing in a compact towing tool like the Forklift Wrecker. 

Offering all of the safe and efficient towing benefits of a traditional wheel lift, the Forklift Wrecker is installed on, as you might guess, a forklift. This makes for exceptionally compact, maneuverable lifting that allows you to position, tow, and remove vehicles from your lot without the space considerations required for a large tow truck. This means your repo lot lanes can be smaller, and you can fit more parking spots into your space. With more parking spots, you can repossess more vehicles, which means greater returns for your company. 

To make the most profit from your repo lot, you have to store vehicles logically and efficiently. Use the Forklift Wrecker to maximize your space and your team’s time. For more information about our product, and how it’s helping repo lots across the state, just get in touch with us online, or give us a call at 877-593-6959.

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