Who Uses Forklift Wheel Lift Attachments?

It’s clear that forklift wheel lift attachments are designed to move cars. But what applications can get the most out of a forklift wheel lift attachment like the Forklift Wrecker? If you’re interested to see whether the Forklift Wrecker is right for you, here are 4 common applications for a forklift wheel lift attachment, along with some of the benefits it provides to each application:

Auto Lots and Service Garages

For auto lots and service garages, a forklift wheel lift attachment is a major time-saver. Instead of looking for keys to each vehicle on your lot or jumping dead batteries, a forklift wheel attachment enables you to move any vehicle easily and safely. Since a forklift wheel attachment lifts each vehicle securely by its front or back wheels, you can simply move the vehicle from one part of your lot to another, without having to worry about calling a wrecker or tow truck. 

Municipal Impound Lots & Repo Lots

Similar to an auto lot or service garage, impound and repo lots need to move a lot of vehicles around, many of which you may not have keys for. For impound and repo lots specifically, there’s a lot of vehicle shifting that occurs, as vehicles come in and off your lot or are rearranged to make more room. A forklift wheel lift attachment solves two common problems that repo and impound lots face.

The first is the cost of calling a tow truck, or keeping a tow truck on-site at all times to shift vehicles on your lot. With a forklift wheel lift attachment, there’s no need for a full-size wrecker to sit on your lot. The second solution a forklift wheel lift attachment offers is space. Most impound and repo lots are already tight on space. A Forklift Wrecker is considerably smaller than a full-size truck or wrecker, which means you free up that space on your lot, and you’re able to maneuver vehicles on your lot closer together. Since you don’t need the full space to get an entire wrecker in to move a vehicle, you can free up a bit of space, enabling you to store more vehicles on your lot. 

Auction Lots

Auction lots encounter everything from broken-down vehicles to old boats, trailers, and more. This is another application where a forklift wheel lift attachment can provide significant efficiencies. A forklift wheel lift attachment, first and foremost, can move vehicles around your lot safely and quickly. With an additional trailer attachment, you can configure your forklift wrecker to also move trailers and boats. For auction lots where there’s a variety of different items across one space, a forklift is a versatile tool. When combined with a wheel lift attachment and a trailer attachment, there’s a lot you can do, quickly, and at a reduced cost to your facility.

Boat Yards

Boatyards encounter similar problems to an auto lot or service garage. It’s a hassle to hook up a truck to a boat trailer every time you have to move a boat, even if it’s just across the yard. With a forklift wheel lift attachment and a trailer attachment, moving any boat on a trailer is simple. Simply drop in the trailer ball attachment to the Forklift Wrecker, insert the pins, and go. Hooking up to any trailer on your lot is easy, and much faster with a forklift that is much smaller and more maneuverable than a full-size truck. Best of all, a forklift wheel lift attachment like the Forklift Wrecker comes at a low upfront investment cost to you, starting at just $2,495. 

Forklift wheel lift attachments like Forklift Wrecker have tons of applications in a variety of industries. If you need to move a vehicle or trailer, and you need to do it quickly, the Forklift Wrecker is for you. For more information, or to purchase a Forklift Wrecker for your business, just get in touch.

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