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Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Forklift Wrecker To Move Vehicles

The Forklift Wrecker is an easy, fast, and affordable tool helping a variety of companies — from body shops and service garages to vehicle storage and impound lots — move cars safely and efficiently, with just a forklift. If you’ve been considering a forklift wheel lift attachment, but just aren’t sure if it’s the right move for your company, here are three of the top reasons to buy a Forklift Wrecker: 

#1 Boosts Productivity 

The first, and perhaps most beneficial reason for any vehicle storage or impound lot to purchase a Forklift Wrecker is to boost productivity. With a Forklift Wrecker on the premises, your company no longer needs to call tow trucks to move vehicles across the lot. Forget wrecker fees, searching for the right keys, and worrying if a vehicle will actually start. The Forklift Wrecker takes what used to be a long and involved process, and turns it into a five-minute job that’s easily completed by one person. The Forklift Wrecker makes it efficient and safe to move cars across your lot or service garage.

#2 Versatile and Easy to Use

The Forklift Wrecker is compatible with any forklift (5,000 lb capacity or higher recommended) and can be used in any light-duty towing operation in your vehicle storage or impound lot. Whether you’re moving a car that won’t start or a damaged vehicle that cannot be driven, the Forklift Wrecker makes it easy to get that vehicle exactly where it needs to be on your lot. 

In addition to its versatility, the Forklift Wrecker is also simple and safe to use with just one operator. Because the Forklift Wrecker is compact on a forklift, rather than a tow truck, it offers improved maneuverability, especially in tight spaces in your vehicle storage lot. 

#3 Most Affordable Version of a Wheel Lift on the Market

The Minute Man Forklift Wrecker offers you all of the capabilities you need for your impound lot, service garage, or body shop, at a fraction of the cost of a tow truck wheel lift. Available for just $2,500, and compatible with any forklift already at your site, the investment for a Forklift Wrecker is exceptionally low, while its value is high. Without wrecker fees, costs of damages for improperly moving vehicles, and lowered operation costs, the Forklift Wrecker is a sound investment that improves productivity and profitability for your business. 

A Forklift Wrecker is a great way to improve your internal business operations. If you’re interested to see how our product can help you, just give us a call at 877-593-6959 or contact us online today!

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