Owners of car lots, impound lots, and even service garages understand the hassle that’s presented when you need to move a vehicle across the lot without a wrecker. Especially if they are damaged or don’t run. Even if you have a tow truck or wrecker company on call, you still have to wait for them to get to your site before you can move the vehicle in question and get on with your day — and they don’t work for free.
But what if there was a better, more affordable, and more efficient way to move cars across your lot? Introducing the Forklift Wrecker from Minute Man Wheel Lifts:

What Is the Forklift Wrecker?

The Forklift Wrecker is a mechanical, auto-load wheel lift attachment that can be added to any forklift to safely and quickly transport vehicles. To see it in action, check out the video below:
As you can see, the Forklift Wrecker easily attaches to the forks of your forklift. Once installed, the operator need only push the attachment under the wheels of the vehicle, lift and secure wheels, and the vehicle is ready to move.

Who Uses the Forklift Wrecker?

The Forklift Wrecker is ideal for any auto lot, including body shops, municipal impound lots, and service garages. It’s the perfect solution to the daily challenge of moving cars around your lot without paying or waiting for a wrecker.

Why Choose Forklift Wrecker?

If you own or work in an auto lot of any kind, you know the struggle of shuffling cars. From finding the right keys to each car to jumping the batteries of the cars that died, it’s a hassle, and without the proper tools, pushing cars around your lot can be dangerous. That’s where the Forklift Wrecker comes in.

Save Time & Labor

Forget finding a crew to push a broken-down car the last block to your shop. Forget calling (and waiting for and paying for) a tow truck or wrecker every time you need a vehicle moved. The Forklift Wrecker can easily navigate through crowded auto lots with just one operator, pick up a vehicle, and place it down in the best spot in no time. With a Forklift Wrecker on-site, you never have to wait for a crew or a wrecker to move a vehicle.

Reduce Damage

Damaged cars cost you money. When you’re pushing cars around your lot with manpower or using an alternative, unapproved method of moving vehicles, you run the risk of causing damage by running into another vehicle or into a solid object on your lot. The Forklift Wrecker makes hauling cars simple, safe, and easy. Vehicles are safely secured on the Forklift Wrecker and can be easily maneuvered through even tight spots, thanks to the Forklift Wrecker’s convenient size.

Prevent Injuries

Pushing vehicles across your lot or into your lot is dangerous, and can cause injuries to your workers. Unnecessary strain from pushing cars and injuries from the vehicle rolling out of control are eliminated when using the Forklift Wrecker instead. With just one operator, any vehicle is easily lifted and towed to its appropriate spot, without any physical involvement from your workers.

Reduce Overhead Costs

When all you need to do is move a car across a lot, calling a wrecker is a major and unnecessary cost that also costs you time. The Forklift Wrecker, on the other hand, requires a very low investment, starting at just $2,500. With that single investment, you eliminate future costs associated with calling wreckers or repairing vehicles that were improperly moved and damaged. With the Forklift Wrecker, you can easily move vehicles across your lot, to wherever they need to go, at no additional cost and minimal risk of damage.
The Forklift Wrecker is the most affordable and accessible way to boost efficiency for impound lots, auction lots, and more. For more information about this product, and to see all of its technical specifications, be sure to visit the Forklift Wrecker product page.
If you find yourself constantly calling a wrecker to shuffle cars around your lot, the Forklift Wrecker might just be the better solution. If you’re interested, let us know. We’d love to answer any questions you might have.