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5 Time-Saving Auto Shop Management Tips

When you have an auto shop to run, efficiency is everything. After all, the quicker you can move cars in and out of your shop, the more profit you make. That’s why repair shop managers are always looking for ways to save time and increase productivity. If this sounds like you, you’re in luck. Here are five auto shop management tips that will help keep things moving along smoothly so you can keep building your bottom line. 

5 Time-Saving Auto Shop Management Tips

01. Save Time with Savvy Scheduling

There are only so many hours in a day…make the most of them by prioritizing jobs and scheduling the most important ones in the morning when employees tend to be most productive. You can also take advantage of software programs to help you schedule jobs efficiently, which brings us to tip #2. 

02. Invest in Time-Saving Software 

Scheduling isn’t the only thing software can help you with — from managing inventory and invoices to keeping track of your customer database and project timelines, there are software programs out there that can effectively conquer day-to-day tasks quickly, freeing up your employees to complete other jobs at hand and allowing you to focus on the bigger picture of growing your business. 

03. Give Employees the Tools to Confidently Complete Their Jobs (Fast!)

A happy employee is a productive employee, so offering incentives, appreciation programs, and company perks can go a long way toward efficiency in the shop. A good training program can equate to fewer problems to solve and a faster turnover of jobs, and that means more profit.

04. Take a Good Look at Your Shop Layout

Many times you can find ways to make your auto shop more efficient simply by moving things around a bit and organizing in a way that makes more sense. Do your employees have to waste time walking to another part of the shop to get the tools they need? Consider moving the tools to a closer station, so employees spend less time walking and more time working. Is your equipment laid out in a way that optimizes workflow?  If not, try moving things into different positions to pump up productivity. 

05. Use Equipment that Makes Life Easier

Besides the positioning of your equipment, consider how easy it is to use as well as how easily and efficiently it accomplishes tasks. A good example is the equipment you use to move cars in, out, and around the shop. This constant task can often take up much of your day, especially when it comes to moving cars that are damaged or have dead batteries

Car dollies were the go-to equipment for years, but they are inefficient and frankly, unsafe. Wreckers, whether your own or outsourced, can be expensive and difficult to maneuver, taking too much time and putting the cars and employees in your shop at risk. A better solution is investing in equipment such as the Forklift Wrecker. 

Because of its compact size, the Forklift Wrecker can easily and efficiently navigate around the shop, even in small spaces, tackling tasks much faster than other equipment can. It’s also easy to operate, which adds to its ability to move cars quicker than traditional methods. 

Just think, no more searching for keys, calling a tow truck or trying to turn a wrecker around in tight quarters. The Forklift Wrecker is an affordable alternative and the perfect example of equipment that makes your life easier and your shop more efficient. 

One Last Auto Shop Management Tip… 

Call 877-593-6959 today to start saving time with the Forklift Wrecker! 

With emails to answer, fires to put out, problems to solve, customers to accommodate, and employees to manage (not to mention a budget), who has time to grow their business? You do! With the help of these tips and the Forklift Wrecker, you can save valuable time and succeed.

Better auto shop management will lead to better profits and increased revenue. Help your shop get there by learning more about the Forklift Wrecker and contacting us today.

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