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3 Benefits of a Forklift Car Lift Attachment

For vehicle storage applications like repossession and impound lots, and even some large auto shops, moving vehicles around is one of the toughest and most time-consuming daily tasks. For many vehicle storage lots, it’s not practical to call a tow truck every time a car has to be moved, and it’s dangerous to both workers and vehicles to try to push them across a lot. In these situations, a forklift car lift attachment is a potential solution. With a low upfront investment, this is a tool that can help your vehicle storage lot become safer and more efficient. Here are just three of the benefits a forklift car lift attachment can offer:

Increased Efficiency

For any vehicle storage application — whether you’re moving vehicles around an auto-shop garage or an impound lot — moving cars is likely the most time-consuming part of your day. You either have to hire a tow truck to move vehicles around or you have to spend time looking for the right keys, and hoping the vehicle starts up. If it doesn’t, and you’re not able to get a tow truck to your lot on time, you’re either stuck, or your workers may have to push a vehicle to its new destination on your lot. None of these solutions are efficient, and some are even dangerous. 

With a forklift car lift attachment, you remove all of these hassles. These affordable attachments are easy to install and easy to operate. Simply put together the car lift attachment according to instructions, and have your forklift-certified driver hop on. They can easily drive to the troublesome vehicle, lift the front or back wheels, and tow the vehicle to its destination. 

No searching for keys or waiting for a battery jump or a tow truck. Just jump in, and move that vehicle safely to its new location. 

Improved Safety

When you don’t have a safe method of transporting damaged or non-functional vehicles, your workers are likely doing the work of pushing vehicles across your lot. When this is your only solution, it might seem necessary, but it is dangerous. By investing in a forklift car attachment, you’re helping remove your workers from situations where they are likely to be injured. 

We get it — calling a tow truck every time you need a car moved adds up. And when you have the necessary guys on staff, it seems like an easy move to just push the vehicle where it needs to go. But, this isn’t a safe way to move vehicles. Luckily, most forklift car attachments provide a helpful, efficient solution at a low investment cost. The Forklift Wrecker, for example, is just $2,500 dollars. An investment like that can pay for itself just in the savings you’ll make by not having to call the tow truck. Plus, since you won’t have to call your workers off their jobs to push a vehicle around, they’ll be able to get more of their own work done in a day.

Reduced Damage

The third benefit we’d like to call out in this article is reduced damage. When you’re moving cars around, you’re responsible for any damage that occurs. Having your service techs push vehicles across your lot isn’t just dangerous for them, but it often causes damage to the vehicle. Cars can easily scrape up against something, crash into another vehicle on your lot, or just sustain damage from all the effort that’s going into moving it improperly. 

With a forklift car lift attachment, vehicles can be moved quickly and safely. Forklift car lift attachments work similarly to a traditional wheel lift. C-hooks are pushed under the two front wheels of a vehicle. The forklift lifts those wheels up, your technicians secure the wheels with tow straps, and you’re able to safely pull that vehicle wherever it needs to go. And in the case of severely damaged vehicles, you can even use the forklift car lift attachment to lift the rear wheels if front wheels are inaccessible.

This ensures that no matter the current condition of the vehicle, you aren’t making it any worse when you transport it. And again, given the low investment cost of a forklift car lift attachment, this is a tool that’s likely to pay for itself in the damage you avoid. 

A forklift car lift attachment is an attractive solution for a number of applications that need to move vehicles (including vehicles that are damaged or do not start) across a vehicle storage or impound lot. If you’re interested to learn more about car lift attachments, please don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Forklift Wrecker. Our team would be happy to answer any questions you might have about how forklift car lift attachments can improve your business. Give us a call at 877-593-6959 or contact us online today!

*It is the user’s ultimate responsibility to use equipment in accordance with OSHA regulations. See also OSHA requirements for forklift attachments here.

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