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3 Benefits of a Forklift Car Lift Attachment

For vehicle storage applications like repossession and impound lots, and even some large auto shops, moving vehicles around is one of the toughest and most time-consuming daily tasks. For many vehicle storage lots, it’s not practical to call a tow truck every time a car has to be moved, and it’s dangerous to both workers […]

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Forklift Wrecker vs. Tow Truck Wheel Lift

  .If you’re looking for an on-site towing solution for your company, an option like the Forklift Wrecker might be new to you. Many companies are familiar with the traditional wheel lift, but a wheel lift installed on a forklift is a unique and affordable solution that can offer greater benefits to body shops, service garages, […]

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Top 3 Reasons to Buy a Forklift Wrecker To Move Vehicles

The Forklift Wrecker is an easy, fast, and affordable tool helping a variety of companies — from body shops and service garages to vehicle storage and impound lots — move cars safely and efficiently, with just a forklift. If you’ve been considering a forklift wheel lift attachment, but just aren’t sure if it’s the right […]

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