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Forklift Applications: Impound Lots

Forklift Applications in Impound Lots: How To Take Your Work to the Next Level

If you work at an impound lot, your main objective is to move cars across short distances quickly and safely. If the vehicles are damaged or don’t run, you know this isn’t always an easy feat. Calling a tow truck company can be a hassle – and an expensive one. 

Don’t worry; we have the solution to your problem. It’s called a forklift wrecker, and we’re here to tell you all about it. 

What Is a Forklift Wrecker?

Using a forklift in an impound lot is one of the best, most efficient forklift applications for the forklift that many impound lots already have. When you combine it with a forklift wrecker, you’ll really be in business.

A Forklift Wrecker is an attachment for your forklift, and it connects directly to the forks of a lift. To use this tool, the forklift operator drives up to a vehicle, pushes the wheel lift attachment underneath the car, lifts, and secures the wheels. Then, the forklift can freely move wherever it needs to go with the vehicle attached. It’s that easy! 

Forklift Applications in Impound Lots: What Are the Benefits?

In many cases, the organizations responsible for impounding vehicles work with small crews and even smaller budgets. So investing in a light-duty forklift and a range of useful attachments will pay off in the long run.

The Forklift Wrecker also helps with quick and easy pick-ups, short-distance towing and maneuvering in tight spaces. Here, we’ll break it down for you:

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Easy Pick-Up and Moving of Inoperable Vehicles

Whether the battery has died, the keys are missing, or it has damage, there are many circumstances when the cars being brought to an impound lot are inoperable. All of these problems are solved with a Forklift Wrecker. The tool can easily pick up and maneuver cars without needing them to be operable. 

Using a Forklift Wrecker in this situation will help avoid the risk of injury to your employees. They won’t have to worry about pushing a vehicle across the lot or using a car dolly – which is incredibly difficult to control.  

Plus, when you’re moving a car with strictly manpower, it will take a lot of bodies. With the forklift wrecker, you only need one person operating the forklift. 

Maneuvering Tight Spaces

Real estate is expensive, so we know you want to utilize every inch of your impound lot. If you’re using a tow truck, wrecker, or flatbed to move cars, you’ll need lots of extra storage space. Also, the driver will need plenty of room to back up, line up, and turn throughout the lot when moving cars around. 

A forklift is significantly narrower and shorter than a tow truck, and the Forklift Wrecker is more maneuverable. You’ll not only have more room for storing extra cars in the lot, but additional space for transporting cars as well. 

Reducing Costs

It’s no secret that hiring a tow truck is expensive, and purchasing your own can break the bank. But does your impound lot already have a forklift? Then a Forklift Wrecker attachment is a fantastic alternative! 

A wrecker attachment costs less than $4,000. Purchasing your own wrecker can set you back six figures. 

A forklift wrecker can also save money by decreasing the likelihood of damage to the vehicles being moved and others on the lot. It also reduces the possibility of employees getting injured and filing workers’ compensation claims, which you’ll have to pay. 

Saving Time

A lot of time can be wasted if you constantly wait for a wrecker to show up to move an inoperable vehicle. You can waste just as much time if you’re looking for keys for every car that needs to be moved. Or, if the equipment that you have onsite is a car dolly or old-fashioned manpower, that is no quick process either. 

A Forklift Wrecker will save you lots of time since you can move vehicles without starting them, and it’s equipment that you can afford to keep onsite. Plus, it will keep your employees happy, which is a crucial investment. 

Make the Most Out of the Forklift at Your Impound Lot

Hoping to streamline your impound lot operations? Check out the Forklift Wrecker Attachment! This easy, fast, affordable towing tool is built to accommodate a variety of small- to medium-sized towing applications — and it’s benefitted countless other impound lot operators already. To learn more about how you can get one of your own, contact our team today

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