Lot Management Solutions That Eliminate Customer Delays

If you operate and manage a lot for your service garage, dealership, or other business, you know that customer delay can spell trouble for your business. To streamline your operations, you’ll need to eliminate customer delays wherever possible by employing strategic lot management solutions.

Lot Management Solutions That Solve for Your Customer

Lot management solutions that eliminate customer delays will help you keep track of your inventory, organize and reorganize vehicles efficiently, and maintain the security of your lot. 

Lot Management Software

Management software has come a long way in recent years. As one of the most technological lot management solutions, lot management software can perform a variety of tasks to help you locate and retrieve vehicles quickly. Inventory software shows you where any vehicle is at any given time, and can store important information about vehicles such as its make and model, ownership, and status (battery, needed repairs, mileage information, etc.). 

You can also use some lot management software as a point-of-sale system, so you can keep track of sales, promotions, and contacts in one easy-to-manage system.

Lot Management Organization

A proper organization system, in addition to software to help you visualize it, is one of the key lot management solutions that can help you eliminate customer delays. You can choose to organize vehicles based on service request, pick up time, vehicle type, or customer name, or choose an organizational system that’s designed around your business priorities and those of your customers.

Lot Management Security

Notifications for unauthorized use, also which vehicles are available for test drive, which have safety risks employees or customers should be aware of, and the ability to switch off these alerts when a vehicle is returned to the owner after service, a customer drives a loaned vehicle off the lot, or a vehicle is sold to a new customer

Lot Management Transportation

Not all vehicles can or should be driven to reorganize your lot, whether for safety reasons or to add mileage. Also, your available space might not allow for each vehicle to be repositioned this way. If you’re responsible for moving and organizing a large number of vehicles, one of the best lot management solutions is to have a convenient and efficient way to move vehicles with minimal disruption to the lot. 

To do this, you’ll need equipment that can get in tight spaces, navigate around sharp corners, is intuitive to operate, and can retrieve vehicles and transport vehicles safely for both employees and products. Nothing creates a delay like a damaged vehicle or injured employee, so you’ll need a towing mechanism that puts safety and efficiency first.

A forklift attachment like the Forklift Wrecker is an ideal lot management solution you can use to achieve these goals. It attaches seamlessly to your equipment for a fully maneuverable towing solution. It’s more cost effective and convenient than calling a wrecker every time you need a vehicle moved, and can be used safely by almost any employee with forklift competence.

If you’re looking for lot management solutions, there’s no better option than the Forklift Wrecker. Easily move those cars safely and quickly. For more information, reach out to our team today.

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