3 Tips to Streamlining Vehicle Inventory Management

Whether you manage a used car dealership or an impound lot, you likely run into one problem consistently — lack of space. Most vehicle storage lots regularly run into space concerns as vehicles are shifted around, brought in, and taken off the lot. As vehicles are constantly moved, it can be difficult to devise a system for vehicle inventory management that will keep the lot organized while accommodating the greatest number of vehicles. 

If you’re finding that your vehicle storage lot is often overflowing or difficult to manage, these three tips to streamline vehicle inventory management can help. Let’s look at a few ways you can improve inventory management to make the most out of the space you have. 

01. Consider a Vehicle Inventory Management Software

Vehicle inventory management software systems are popular in new car dealerships, as they make it easy for dealers and potential buyers to see at a glance what vehicles are located at what dealership. Outside of boosting sales potential for new dealerships, a vehicle inventory management system can help your impound lot, service garage, or used car dealership better keep track of the vehicles moving on and off your lot. 

Impound lots, for example, deal with many cars coming in and going out on any given day. A vehicle inventory management software makes it easy to keep track of each of these vehicles by cataloging each car’s VIN, license plate number, make, model, and other important characteristics. A good vehicle inventory management system will also indicate where on the lot that vehicle is located. 

When someone comes to retrieve the vehicle or when the vehicle is ready to sell at auction, your team doesn’t need to waste time searching for the vehicle on the lot. Your vehicle inventory management system will identify the car’s storage space, enabling quick retrieval. The faster you’re able to find and retrieve vehicles from your impound lot, the more profitable your operations.

02. Strategically Organize Your Lot for Employees and Visitors

A vehicle inventory management system provides the data you need to quickly find and retrieve vehicles on your lot — but that only works if your lot is well-organized in the first place. 

Organizing your impound or dealership lot starts with a strategic parking lot design. Keep in mind that how you place vehicles on your lot can also have an impact on the efficiency of your vehicle inventory management. 

Consider how both your employees and your visitors use your lot and organize vehicles accordingly. 

  • If you manage an impound lot, the majority of visitors are likely coming to pick up recently impounded vehicles. You’ll want those vehicles closest to the front of the lot to ensure the retrieval process is fast and efficient. 
  • If you manage a dealership, you’ll want your best deals and most-likely-to-sell vehicles up at the front of the lot. Placing trade-in vehicles in the back also helps streamline efficiency. Since those vehicles are least likely to be moved, it’s okay if they’re blocked in by more attractive sale options. 
  • If you manage a service garage, it might make sense to organize your lot according to when and what types of service each vehicle needs. Vehicles requiring routine maintenance will be serviced quickly, so it makes sense to park them closer to the garage than a vehicle that’s waiting on a welder for a time-consuming repair. 

By taking a close look at how people interact with the vehicles on your lot, you can get a better idea of where to put different types of cars. Cars that will be moved in and out quickly should be located near the front of the lot. Vehicles that are damaged or inoperable should be parked further away, where they won’t block or hold up regular operations. 

Creating designated locations for different types of vehicles is a great way to streamline vehicle inventory management on your lot. 

Even if you don’t have a vehicle inventory management software, your staff will know that recently impounded vehicles will be located in one section, while vehicles for auction are located in another, enabling faster retrieval and more efficient operations. Check out this blog for more tips on Saving Space in Your Vehicle Storage Lot

03. Consider Investing in a Towing Option That Suits Your Lot

Making space for a large tow truck or wrecker to tow vehicles in and out can quickly eat up space on your lot. Choosing a smaller, more compact, and economical towing option can streamline vehicle inventory management by maximizing how much space you can use for vehicle storage. 

Forklift wheel lift attachments are a versatile towing option for any sort of vehicle storage lot. Considerably smaller than a large tow truck, forklift options like the Forklift Wrecker can retrieve vehicles from smaller spaces and don’t require the wide aisle or turnaround space a wrecker would need. 

Available at a low investment, a forklift wheel lift attachment is an economical solution for any vehicle storage lot. Not only are you able to more easily tow and shift vehicles, but you no longer have to pay for a wrecker every time you need a car towed. It’s a long-term solution that streamlines vehicle inventory management while saving on overhead costs. 

Streamlined vehicle inventory management starts with an easy way to move around vehicles so you’re maximizing space and time. The Forklift Wrecker can help with that. If you’re looking for an affordable, compact towing option for your vehicle storage lot, give the Forklift Wrecker team a call at 877-593-6959 or contact us online today.

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