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Where Can You Use Forklift Car Movers?

If your business incorporates the transportation of cars from point A to point B, forklift car movers, like the Forklift Wrecker, are fantastic tools to utilize. But how and where exactly can you put these pieces of equipment to work?

We’ll dive into the best ways to incorporate forklift car movers into your business and show you how the Forklift Wrecker works. 

What Is a Forklift Car Mover?

Forklift car mover attachments, such as the Forklift Wrecker, make moving vehicles faster, easier, and safer than ever. The Forklift Wrecker is a mechanical, auto-load wheel lift that attaches right onto your forklift. 

To use this tool, the forklift operator drives up to a vehicle, pushes the wheel lift attachment underneath the car, and lifts and secures the wheels. Then, the forklift can freely move wherever it needs to go with the vehicle attached. It’s that simple! 

The low-profile design and state-of-the-art features of the Forklift Wrecker will also save your business money. It will save time, space, and labor and avoid damage and injuries. It’s the perfect addition for many operations that include moving cars. 

Investing in a light-duty forklift and a forklift car mover attachment will pay off in the long run and offer a wide range of benefits:

  • Pickup and moving of inoperable vehicles
  • Maneuvering tight spaces
  • Reducing costs
  • Saving time
  • Avoiding damage and injury

Using Forklift Car Movers: The Dos

If you need to move cars across short distances quickly and safely, a Forklift Wrecker is a perfect solution for you. Read on to discover what fields would benefit directly from forklift attachment applications

Auto Body Shops

Auto body shops constantly move cars from place to place when they need work done on them. You could go the challenging way and use car dollies, or take your business (and shop safety!) up a notch and implement Forklift Wreckers.  

Using car dollies causes workplace safety concerns and increases the chance of accidents and damage in your workplace. Plus, workers still have to push the cars, which takes energy and can strain your employees. Car movers like the Forklift Wrecker make moving cars around your auto body shop a breeze. 

Service Garages

If you work in a service garage, you understand the hassle of moving a vehicle across a lot — especially if it’s damaged or doesn’t run. Calling a tow truck can result in long wait times and high operating costs. The better solution is to invest in a Forklift Wrecker.

Using a Forklift Wrecker also means you won’t need to have your employees push cars across the lot repeatedly. Moving cars by hand or using a car dolly is a huge injury risk to your employees, and it’s incredibly difficult to control a vehicle when it’s being pushed. This can result in damage to the vehicle or others on the lot.

Boat Yards

Like service garages and auto body shops, boat yards constantly move boats around. It can be a hassle to hook up a truck to a boat trailer each time you have to transport a boat. With a Forklift Wrecker, this process can be much more straightforward. 

All you have to do is drop in the trailer ball attachment to the Forklift Wrecker, insert the pins, and go! A forklift is much smaller and easily maneuverable than a full-size truck. Plus, the Forklift Wrecker comes in at a low upfront investment cost to you!

Impound Lots

In many cases, businesses that run impound lots work with small crews and tight budgets. Using a forklift in an impound lot is one of the best, most efficient applications for the forklift that many impound lots already have. When you combine it with a Forklift Wrecker, you’ll really be in business!

If a car battery has died or you don’t have the keys, Forklift Wreckers can conveniently transport them across impound lots. Plus, you can avoid using a tow truck, which is expensive and difficult to maneuver around tight spaces. 

Auction Lots

Auction lots encounter everything from worn-down boats to damaged vehicles to busted trailers. This is another application where a Forklift Wrecker can greatly improve your business. With an additional trailer attachment, you can configure your Forklift Wrecker also to move trailers and boats, not just cars. There will be a lot of things you can do with this combination, which will ultimately save your facility money.

Using Forklift Car Movers: The Don’ts

Forklift Wreckers and other forklift car movers are top-notch options for any application needing to move vehicles onsite. However, it’s important to note these tools are not designed for public roads. The car should be in a private location, and you should only move it short distances.  

Also, remember that Forklift Wreckers should only be used in combination with forklifts with at least a 5,000 lb lift capacity. 

Invest In a Forklift Wrecker

Looking for a forklift car mover? There’s no better option than the Forklift Wrecker. Move a car with just a forklift, and do it with ease with the Forklift Wrecker. Give us a call or contact us online for more information. 

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