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How does a forklift car lift attachment work?

If you own or operate a vehicle storage lot, you might be looking for tools that can help you shuffle more cars, in less time. The biggest concern most auto lots face is moving damaged vehicles that may not start, or aren’t driveable. One great solution to this common problem is a forklift car lift attachment. It’s a simple attachment that easily turns your forklift into a yard tow-truck, without a huge upfront investment or a big learning curve for your employees. If they’re licensed to drive a forklift, they’ll be able to work the forklift car attachment with ease. Interested to learn how a forklift car attachment works? It’s pretty simple:

How Does a Forklift Car Lift Attachment Work?

While there are a few different types of forklift car lift attachments that use different technologies, the mechanics behind most of these attachments are fairly similar. Most use a tow bar with C-hooks on either end that pivot around and under a car’s two front or back wheels. Here’s how they work:

Step 1: You Secure Attachment to Forklift

Most forklift car lift attachments, like the Forklift Wrecker, are designed to fit any size forklift. Simply slide the attachment onto your forklift’s forks and secure. The Forklift Wrecker is secured with bolts. 

Step 2: Push Attachment Under Wheels of Vehicle

With the forklift car lift attachment secured, you’re ready to start moving vehicles. Simply push or maneuver the car lift attachment under the vehicle. While some forklift car lift attachments feature hydraulic arms, we’ve found that level of technology to be more work than help. The Forklift Wrecker makes use of C-hooks on springs that pivot automatically around the wheels of the vehicle. Its lack of hydraulics makes it much simpler to use and service. 

Step 3: Lift The Vehicle

When C-hooks are secured around the wheels of the vehicle, use the forklift to lift the vehicle. We always recommend securing the vehicle’s wheels to the attachment with tow straps. This helps ensure the vehicle and your employees are safe. 

Step 4: Move Vehicle and Set Down

With wheel secured, you can maneuver the vehicle wherever it needs to go and set it down. After removing tow straps the forklift car lift attachment is easily disengaged from the vehicle, and ready to tackle the next job. 

Is There Anything Else I Should Know Before Purchasing a Forklift Car Lift Attachment?

Just like with any piece of heavy machinery, it’s important that you understand the limitations of your forklift. The Forklift Wrecker is compatible with any forklift with at least 5,000 lb lift capacity, but every forklift car lift attachment is different. Since forklifts are equipped with counterweights, there is typically no additional modifications required to install your forklift car lift, so long as your forklift is appropriately rated for the attachment and the vehicles you plan to move. Finally, it’s important to be aware of and adhere to all OSHA requirements for forklift attachment safety before purchasing and operating a new attachment. 

Forklift car lift attachments are a great investment for any business or auto lot required to move a great number of cars around on any given day. The Forklift Wrecker requires an investment of just $2,500, making it an affordable solution that provides a fast, easy way to move cars with just a forklift. 

Have more questions about forklift car lift attachments? We’d love to answer them. Our Forklift Wrecker is a premium car lift attachment that works with virtually any forklift on the market. For more information, get in touch with our team online, or give us a call at (877) 593-6959!

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